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Fun Shirts and Swag Inspired by the one and only Barry Fletcher!

You know that moment in a conversation where the banter makes you stop and think? Maybe it's to ponder that thought deeper? Maybe it's a joke that went there? Maybe it's just awkward? Well, we do, too! An accidental awkward-moment-filler has now taken on a life for itself in the form of Well, Damn Merch!

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The WELL, DAMN! Story

A Clubhouse Connection


[ kluhb-hous ] noun, plural club·hous·es

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.




Who are these people and why I am here? Well, I met "Black Belt Barry" in the Clubhouse app in winter 2021 and we quickly became friends. In true Texas form, after a short time of professional and cordial dialog in a clubhouse room, we quickly abandoned the traditional app decorum of hand-raising, muting microphones, and waiting for your damn turn and just let the conversation flow.

As the natural path in life normally takes one, I logged into a virtual room of my music industry peers - touring musicians, artists, creatives alike all with the common interest or longing for the Texas music scene.

After many similar evenings, I once again found myself in the company of the likes of music journalist Thomas Mooney, entertainment manager Marissa Bennett,  singer/songwriter/photographer Charlie Stout, and others in a room aptly named TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS to discuss the greatest attributes that Texas has to offer.

The room is full of my newest friends including Barry. You see, Barry Fletcher is not a musician, but could only be described as the most authentic Texan there is. The only time the band of entertainers sits silently is when Barry speaks. They ponder his stories of the 20+ year career where he worked in the oil field industry as a safety inspector. These days, Barry spends his time in the retirement phase of life with his wife on their ranch near Fort Worth. 

Join us on Clubhouse in the Well Damn club to experience the humble greatness that Barry Fletcher is so well known for as well as his perfectly timed one-line responses to the unfathomable.

"Well, Damn."

~ James

"Now, Hit the F*ckin' Gate!"

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